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​      Automotive Training Coordinators LLC      

Participating Companies agree to provide Automotive Training Coordinators LLC access to employee training/certification records, including role/title, hire date or any necessary information required to perform Training, Certification, Industry Designations Management and Coordination Services described in its “Limited Authorization Agreement” and “Contractual Services Agreement”.  Participating Companies will provide user name and password information to access various database systems in order for Automotive Training Coordinators LLC to perform Services on behalf of Participating Companies.  Participating Companies also agree to sign a document authorizing Automotive Training Coordinators LLC to act on behalf of their management to provide Services. Automotive Training Coordinators LLC shall hold all Participating Companies’ Confidential Information in confidence, and, except as may be authorized by Participating Companies’ management  in writing, Automotive Training Coordinators LLC shall not disclose to any person any such Confidential Information at any time, either during the term of Contractual Agreement or thereafter.  If the Coordination Services to be performed pursuant of the Agreement require access by Automotive Training Coordinators LLC, to Participating Companies’ data processing systems or facilities, then  Automotive Training Coordinators LLC agrees to comply with Participating Companies applicable security requirements. 

Information Collection and Personally Identifiable Information

Automotive Training Coordinators LLC may collect names, phone numbers, addresses, industry related ID numbers, email addresses, payment information from individuals and employers.  Individual and employer information will only be shared with third parties that Automotive Training Coordinators LLC has been authorized by signed and active “Limited Authorization Agreement” and “Contractual Services Agreement”.

Third Party Disclosure

Automotive Training Coordinators LLC may disclose identifiable information under the following situations:

  • Under agreements as described above
  • When it is deemed necessary to cooperate with law enforcement as permitted by law

California State Law

Participating Companies and their employees residing in California may request from Automotive Training Coordinators LLC to provide a list of categories where personal information has been disclosed to third parties as exercised by active agreements and policies in compliance to California law.