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ATC client's are able to focus their staff on daily repair operations, while ATC handles their often complex training and certification requirement details. You and your staff will still be attending the training or testing, but ATC ensures it is the right training or certification for the right roles within your operation.

If you become an ATC client, you will have a training and certification specialist looking out for your interest.  Expect simple, straight-forward, and easy to understand monthly reports, tracking your company's progress toward your goal.  Being a service-based company, expect your staff to receive support even afterhours or on weekends when they may need it most.

A simple belief that true customer service is number one will quickly become evident when you turn your training and certification management needs over to Automotive Training Coordinators LLC.

In November 2011, Automotive Training Coordinators LLC was founded and quickly became a leading pioneer in 3rd party automotive collision repair training and certification management services.  Today ATC assist repair facilities in meeting and maintaining OEM, DRP, and HAP 6H training and certification requirements.

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